Wil Key Newsletter August 20, 2011, Issue #13

Summer Festivals - People's Fair

Wil Key performed a series of summer shows including his 3rd

appearance at the popular and long-running People's Fair Festival

in downtown Denver. The early morning set included the brand new

original songs "Beautiful" and "Love LIke Mama" set to be released

with his 3rd studio CD - "But A Woman" this Fall. He was backed by

a stellar band of musicians including Gabe Mervine (trumpet),

Ronneka Cox (keys), Anthony Allen (drums), Laura Key (vocals) a nd

monster bassist -Bijoux Barbosa!


Bound For L.A

To the land of dreams, drag queens and ocean air - Wil Key

is relocating his creative endeavors just west of the Rockies. This

month the artist packed up his guitar and set out for Los Angeles,

California to complete the new CD and find a new musical home. "I

am excited about the musical possibilities and artist community here,"

says Wil. "I am looking forward to making new connections and new

vibrations! Can't wait to jump in the ocean!"

In this issue...
Summer Festivals
• Moving To Los Angeles
• Farewell Session - Betsy Ruckard
Bound For L. A.

Farewell Session - Betsy Ruckard

It is not often that you come across an artist whose is simultaneously talented, unique, beautiful and humble. But Denver-based singer/songwriter Betsy Ruckard is certainly one such artist. She is a long-time Wil Key collaborator - having appeared on the recent ASCAP I CREATE MUSIC selection "That's What I Mean" duet and performing live with him at multiple shows over the last 6 years. Sadly, this month marked the end of a creative era as the two artists wrapped recording a brand new duet (set to appear on Wil's upcoming CD) entitled "Fight Thru." It was the final session at Larimar Studios in Denver which is moving with Wil to Los Angeles. The good news is that the two plan to continue writing and performing together for many years to come- as Wil remarks on the future collaboration "this is too good, it can not end!"

SLAM NUBA Wins Nationals

Meet the winners of the recent National Poetry Slam competition-
Denver's own...poets of SLAM NUBA. A rag tag, earthy b unch of
gifted souls who write in a contemporary style of competitive poetry
known as SLAM. The formidable writing collective includes the
staunch and fiery, Lucifury, and the sharp-witted, deeply introspective,
Ayinde Russell-who will also appear on Wil Key's upcoming single
"Beautiful" by the way. The team took home a tremendous honor for
themselves and the Denver poet community against fierce competition
including the infamous Nuyorican Poets (part originators of the style)
and subject of the Benjamin Brat film "Pinero." Check these artists
out today.

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